Meet the Gladiator Trainers

Johanna Funk
RKC, IKFF Kettlebell Certified,
TRX & Jump Stretch Certified Instructor

Johanna began training with an RKC (Russian Kettlebell Instructor) in February, 2007 and obtained RKC certification in October, 2007. Johanna took a great interest in Kettlebell Training because she found that it provided better results than any other fitness program she had tried previously. Johanna pursued Kettlebell Training and obtained her CKT certification from the IKFF in April, 2009. To this day Johanna is one of the top lifters in her weight class.

Johanna trains clients for fitness, and also trains clients for Kettlebell competitions. At the Arnold Classic in 2009, three of Johanna’s women competitors placed 1st in their weight class.

As of March, 2008 Johanna is also a Flex Band Instructor (Jump Stretch). Johanna is also a member of the NSCA and is currently working towards her certification as a NSCA personal trainer.

Craig Funk
Strength, Conditioning & Fitness Coach
Certified Kettlebell Instructor

At a young age Fitness was not a priority for Craig, As he entered High School as over weight teen he made the decision to take on a challenge of losing weight and getting on to the High School Wrestling Team. After discovering he had poor health from the physical he had taken for school sports, this reinforce his decision to take on a more healthier life style. After entering the first week of the 2005 wrestling season and making the decision to dedicate his time to the team, he quickly could see how becoming more active could help in many ways. After leaning the physical fitness portion of getting fit. Craig soon leaned that it took more than just physical fitness to reach his goals. Diet and Nutrition also became a priority. He can through his own experience guide and help other take on this challenge.

After Graduating in 2008 Craig joined the Gladiator MMA team. After training for a year Craig had his first fight in Feb. 2009. Winning in 1:56 sec. By a TKO. Taking this experience he learn from the disciplined training it take to be a fighter, he now passes this information on to up coming fighters.

Working with many different methods of training Craig discovered his strength dynamically improved after working with the Kettlebells. He decide to get certified in April of 2009 through the IKFF so he could pass along his knowledge to others. Discovering his passion for Kettlebells he takes pleasure in teaching others. Whether it be a woman's fitness class or training a fighter for an up coming bout. The same effort goes into each one.

Rodrigo Nunes
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Instructor

Rodrigo Nunes is a 4th degree purple belt under 2x world champion Marcio Corleta. Born and raised in Porto Alegre, south of Brazil, he started training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in the Winner/Behring academy under Marcio Corleta (3rd degree black belt) and legendary Master Sylvio Behring (black and red belt, 7th degree).

He was introduced to martial arts at an early age practicing 'capoeira', a very popular Brazilian traditional fight system. In 1996 he got a glimpse of competitive jiu-jitsu through black belt Gerson Calovi, a long time high school friend, and was sold immediately in the efficiency and principals of the soft art. Since then, he trained at Winner/Behring with world recognized instructors, professional fighters and BJJ / MMA champions like Marcio Corleta, Fabricio Werdum, Mario Reis, Sylvio Behring and Mauricao Pereira (RIP).

Since moving to the US in 2000, Rodrigo has been the head instructor of the University of Michigan submission grappling and Brazilian jiu-jitsu club. Rodrigo joined Gladiator in early 2008 and plans to build a competitive sports jiu-jitsu team as well as share his passion and knowledge of the martial art through the progressive system method. His teachings are based in traditional Gracie jiu-jitsu, include self-defense and judo and emphasize leverage as a multiplier of strength, discipline and focus on technique as the key of a fighter's success.

Ben Lagman
From "King of the Cage"
MMA Seminar Instructor

Ben "Bad News" Lagman has an outstanding amateur record of 15-1. After making his professional debut in San Bernadino, California in 2008, Ben has continued to flourish as a professional fighter with a record of 4-0. His impressive 1st round finishes include 2 knockouts and 2 submissions.

In addition to being a superior fighter Ben spends his time training young aspiring fighters as well referring for King of the Cage, Gladiatorial Games and other fights throughout the Midwest.

We are honered to have Ben Lagman teach seminars at our facility for all ages. Check out the class schedule to see when Ben will be teaching next.

Kurt Funk
IKFF Kettlebell Certified Instructor

Struggling with physical fitness from a young age, Kurt found out early in his life how important fitness was. After playing High School sports and specifically wrestling, he was able to overcome a weight problem and found a passion for fitness by taking up weight lifting and running. Wrestling was his passion. Taking the knowledge he learned from his high school experience he went on to assist coaching in a small town in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

After being introduced to the Kettlebells in 2007 then becoming a CKT through the IKFF he could easily see how this training could be useful to the local wrestlers. Kurt has developed a program to help strengthen those who like to take their training to the next level. Seeing the benefits of the kettlebell workout himself he has been helping others reach their goals. Kurt has had success as a competitor also. Placing 2nd at the Arnold in 2009 he has success in many other competitions. Kurt is always continuing his knowledge as a lifting coach, recently attending a Long Cycle workshop with Denis Kanygin and has continued contact with Ken Blackburn to expand his lifting skills.